P & F – Day 3. Tuesday, March 28. 2017

DAY THREE – If Jesus saw the need to Fast – Then we should too!

When it comes to fasting there are many different views about how to do it, and if it should be done. With so many different views it is almost easier to say nope and just not do it. I want to encourage you to not have this mind set, but to look at fasting as a tool that has been given to us by God. A tool that will enable us to have crystal clear focus on God and what His desire is for us in regards to His kingdom and how we are to help bring it to earth. Jesus spoke about fasting in the New Testament but I am actually going to look at Jesus and how He was called to the desert and fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. This can be found in Matthew 4:1-11.

 Jesus had some big things that He was being asked to do and He understood the need for crystal clear focus and having His heart aligned with Gods. Jesus knew this and was called to fast by the Holy Spirit. Jesus needed this time to go to God to listen to His direction and to be still in Him.
 When Jesus’ fasting time was done He was tempted by the devil three times, and because He had spent the time aligning His heart with God’s, Jesus was able to rebuke the devil and see his schemes.

As we focus on our time of fasting and prayer let us remember that in fasting we are aligning our hearts to God’s, we are seeking out direction and we are gaining crystal clear focus on what God is calling us to do, where He is calling us to go and how He wants us to do it. Remember to listen for when the Holy Spirit calls you to fast!

AUTHOR: Launa Usselman

PERSONAL PRAYER : Lord, I am thankful for the examples you have given me in scripture that remind of my need to fast. If it was important to Jesus then it’s important to me. Give me the unction to fast not out of some kind of obligation but out of a heartfelt desire to hear the Father’s voice, receive the Spirit’s power and to align myself with the purpose and plan of Christ for my life. Fasting was a powerful weapon in Jesus’ wilderness encounter with the Devil, so I pray that when I fast I will experience similar anointing, authority and victories in my own life. Amen

CORPORATE PRAYER: Heavenly Father, these are pivotal times in the life of our church so I pray that in this season our leaders will hear what they need to hear! I pray also that my part will become clearer as you show me how to help build community, where to serve with my gifts, abilities and resources and how to be more intentional in loving, influencing and inviting my neighbors. I thank you that our church is beginning to emerge from our time in the wilderness in the full power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.