P & F – Day 4. Wednesday, March 29. 2017

DAY 4 – God’s Plans Stand Firm Forever!

As we look at the world and radial changes that are taking place in this world, it can often leave a person wondering if God is in fact in control . When tough things happen in our own lives this simply reinforces the thought and what remains is an underlying sense of uncertainty. Can I trust God in difficulty? Will He really come through for me? And perhaps deeper..Is He really committed to me? Am I truly a Child of God ?

Many Big questions but today let’s zero in on the Control aspect.
“God has established his throne in heaven and His kingdom rules over all!” Psalm 103:19
“But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations. “Psalm 33:11 NiV
“But the LORD’s plans stand firm forever; his intentions can never be shaken. Ps 33:11 NLT

There is nothing higher, better nor more lasting than his Kingdom!   The solution to all of our woes in the end is the greater coming of His Kingdom! Call upon Him with the chorus of saints past and present for the coming of HIS KINGDOM.

AUTHOR: Shawn Tomlinson

PERSONAL PRAYER: Lord I thank you for the absolute stability that comes through reading your Word. Being reminded of your Lordship and Sovereignty over my life gives me hope for the future. Even when people disappoint me, or circumstances don’t work out the way I expected; I can still trust in your ability to work all things together for good in my life. I declare today over my life and my circumstances that while things around me may be shaken, your plans stand firm forever and that as I stay grounded in you my faith will not be shaken. Amen

CORPORATE PRAYER: Father we are so thankful for your faithfulness towards your church. I give thanks for the plans that you have for Harvest CFC. Even in the midst of our time of shaking, we have seen your faithfulness and your provision. Today I pray that your plans for Harvest CFC will continue to unfold and that our confidence will be firmly placed on you as the one who stands firm forever and the one whose plans for the Kingdom and the Church will never be shaken.