Why Kinship?

Statistics show that over 75% of high school seniors leave the church after graduation. After freshman year in college or university, that number jumps to close to 90%. Of those who leave the church, only 30% come back later in adult life.

Many individual churches have come to embrace young adult ministry, but plenty have not. Children’s ministry, youth ministry, and family ministry are the primary focus in most bodies, and the ever expanding “young adult” age group (between youth and young family) is a need not being met. We believe that the church as a whole could be doing so much more to answer tough questions, engage young adults in community and mentor the next generation of leaders.

What is Kinship?

Kinship exists to bring young adults into genuine community – with young adults and the greater church family. We want to provide a safe and spirit-filled space where you can come and meet with God and His church. Take this time to allow Him to re-instill value and purpose into your life.

The world needs you. You belong here.


Jan 17 - 19 2020


6:30 pm - 3:30 pm