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Our theme will be “KINGDOM COME!” And our focus will be to seek God to do “on earth as it is in heaven”. Together we can believe God to release his power and establish his authority over our lives individually, our church corporately and our own communities and neighborhoods specifically.

This prayer and fasting time is very strategic in the life of Harvest CFC. As a church community we have been engaged in some very challenging battles over the past year. We have seen beloved family and friends facing great opposition in their personal lives; marriages are being tested, financial pressures due to the economic downturn have impacted many, health issues have been rising and personal faith has been rocked as loved ones have wandered away from the life and values that Christ so graciously entrusted to us.

Corporately, we as a church continue to navigate through a financial struggle that has challenged many of us to dig a little deeper and to seek God for the future direction that He is positioning us for. The encouraging thing about looking at our challenges through the filter of faith or the lense of faith, is that we can see our greatest challenges as God’s greatest opportunities.

So let’s GET READY to INTENTIONALLY SEEK the Lord for his KINGDOM to COME in every area where we are facing challenges and let’s begin to INTENTIONALLY PRAY that we will experience the full measure of God’s power and authority in every area of our lives where we need a breakthrough both personally and corporately!

Just remember that during the next 21 days there will be someone fasting every day, but the really encouraging thing about this kind of initiative is that for the next 21 days we have an awesome opportunity to come before the throne of Grace as a church family praying intentionally in agreement every day! So, let’s remember to keep praying even when we are not fasting!

Let’s keep focused on our theme for the next 21 days. We are praying for his “KINGDOM to COME!” in every area of our lives both corporately and personally. Our desire is to experience “on earth as it is in heaven”.

Remember, there is no lack of resources in heaven! No sickness or disease in heaven! No sadness, sorrow or grief in Heaven! No broken dreams in heaven! No disappointments, discouragements or hopelessness in heaven! No lost or broken people in heaven! No loneliness, depression or oppression in heaven! No more struggling or striving in heaven instead we will have untouchable Joy, unwavering Peace and unshakeable Rest. 

… The bible says in Mark 11:24 “whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours”. So let’s ask for the Kingdom to Come in our own personal lives and in the life of our church and believe that we will be able to testify in the days ahead that God can truly make things “on earth as it is in heaven!”   

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