P & F – Day 2. Monday, March 27. 2017

DAY TWO – The Kingdom brings Righteousness, Peace & Joy

“The Kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost”, Romans 14:17

The Kingdom of God is here!  And you are in it and it is in you! Jesus came to bring the Kingdom down to earth.  So the question is… are we willing or desirous to walk in and partake of the Kingdom of God? Do we even realize that the Kingdom of God is residing within us because of the abiding Holy Spirit?

We get caught up with the material things of this life…. our work, our pleasure, leisure time, sports, stuff, … and we quickly forget that the Lord wants to be part of every aspect of our lives.  When He is, our focus changes, and we come to realize that life is not all about what we put in our hands, or in our mouths, about what we will prepare for supper or how much money we need to make in order to meet all of our bills.  Rather, it is about us living in Christ, and Him in us! It’s about the King’s power, authority and rule! It’s about His righteousness, His love, showing through our lives in our attitudes and actions.  It’s about allowing the Holy Spirit to display and live out His fruit in us!  The love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, meekness, faith, and self control is manufactured in our lives as the Holy Spirit works through us.

So… the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost..…. within you…… His Power at work in you!

AUTHOR: Gwen Stickel

PERSONAL PRAYER : Heavenly Father; thank you for the brand new day, a fresh opportunity to live for you and to embrace the fullness of your Kingdom in my life. As I ponder today’s devotional I am very aware of how often my attention is turned to my own personal needs in life. My concerns for what I will eat or how I will meet my financial responsibilities are often much bigger in my life than the reality of your Kingdom! Today, I make a decision to trust you with all the peripherals of my life and to once again focus my faith on you Lord and on all the promises that you have made to me through your word. Right now, I am reminded that if I seek first YOUR KINGDOM then you promised to supply all of my daily necessities and needs. Lord, as I put the Kingdom First today, I am reminded that I am made RIGHTEOUSNESS through Christ alone, that I can expect supernatural PEACE regardless of my circumstances and I will have unspeakable JOY because Christ is always with me. 

CORPORATE PRAYER: Lord, thank you for the wonderful gift of a local church that is doing it’s utmost to honor your Word and follow your Ways. I pray today that you will continue to strengthen the leaders at Harvest CFC and equip them with wisdom, Spiritual gifts, discernment, fresh vision and Kingdom initiatives as they lead our church family towards the plan and purpose that you had in mind from the beginning. I continue to pray for increase! Increased sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, Increase in souls saved, increase in visitors to fill every seat, increase in effective ways to build community and of course increase in finances to further the vision. Today I pray blessing on Harvest CFC and for the many other churches that are advancing your Kingdom in our wonderful city!