P & F – Day 6. Friday, March 31. 2017

DAY 6 – Let’s Build Together!

The thoughts for today are based on Nehemiah 3 – 4. These chapters list all the families that rebuilt the wall. As we are spending time reflecting on the Kingdom of God coming in our lives and also in the wider setting of Harvest CFC, a few key points struck me.

Building the wall is a strong picture of building the Kingdom. Each family was responsible for the section in front of their dwelling. As they built, opposition came. They had to build with a sword in one hand. They didn’t even stop to change their clothes, such was the urgency.

Everyone does their part. Yes, there is a person who has the vision of what needs to be done, but if Nehemiah had to do it all, he would still be at it! At Harvest CFC, we all need to do what is in front of us. If we leave it all to the leaders, they will get burnt out and things will take much longer.

As we build, we will face opposition:

1. We have choices: give up or continue to build despite what comes against us.

2. Building with a sword in one hand and not even stopping to change clothes speaks strongly of putting on the whole armour of God. Ephesians 6:10-17 We should never be without it and have the sword of the Spirit constantly by our sides.

3. Watchmen were placed on the wall. These are the intercessors God places around us to watch our backs and to be looking ahead to warn of any incoming attacks.

PERSONAL PRAYER: Lord, thank you that I am part of your Kingdom. Help me to build the wall of your kingdom that is right in front of my house. Clothe me with your armour so that I can still build even when opposition comes. Thank you for the sword of the Spirit, help me to use it more often. Thank you for those who intercede for Harvest CFC. Let your kingdom come, let your will be done. On earth as it is in heaven. Amen

AUTHOR: Judi Weaver

CORPORATE PRAYER: Lord, I stand in awe of your faithfulness and your commitment to complete the works that you start! All over the world today we see your church prevail and overcome in the midst of great opposition. Your Kingdom is constantly advancing as courageous disciples take bold steps of faith to fulfill their purpose. The testimony of Nehemiah is a timely reminder of how this is true and of how quickly things can happen when you are involved. Lord, I pray today that we as a church community will not step back from our purpose, but that we will each take our place and stand side by side, boldly doing our part to be co-workers with you and with one another. Let us be united together in our mission to build the church and advance your Kingdom in our communities, in our great city and beyond in the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.