P & F – Day 8. Sunday, April 2. 2017

DAY 8 – Kingdom Praying is Warfare Praying

As we pray for God’s kingdom to come in our lives, in our church, in our city, province, and nation, the enemy isn’t going to like it.  You may in fact, feel like the enemy is ‘circling the wagons’ and pushing you right back – like your under siege.  Don’t loose faith and hope!  Our God is the God of the breakthrough!

In 2 Kings 7, Samaria was under siege.  Inhabitants were hurting in a big way for sustenance.  But then everything changed, literally overnight.  The Bible says that ‘God made the army of Aram hear the sound of a might army on the march…. Panicked, they ran for their lives in the darkness – abandoning tents, horses, donkeys leaving the whole camp just as it was – running for dear life.”

I believe that we can pray warfare prayers similarly.  It says in Ephesians that “Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and rulers of this age and spiritual hosts in heavenly places.” Lets ask God to amplify the sound and the intensity of our prayers and praise.  And that as He amplifies and intensifies the sound of our prayers and praises, it would cause panic and confusion in the enemy’s camp in heavenly places, to the point that the enemy turns and flees in fear.

 Author: Perry McKenzie

PERSONAL PRAYER: Lord, I thank you for the reminder that our battle’s in life are not against flesh and blood. Quite often my default response to the challenging circumstances in my life is to fix my eyes on the issue or problem and on the people involved. Holy Spirit can you please help me to reset my default so that when I face life difficulties in the future my eye’s will be firmly fixed on Christ as the “author and perfector of my Faith”. My hope today is that as I do my part and pray with faith and confidence in your ability to take care of me, that I will see many breakthroughs and victories in my life in the day’s ahead. Amen

CORPORATE PRAYER: Heavenly Father, I first of all give you the praise for the many battles that you have fought and won on behalf of our womderful church, Harvest CFC! We are well aware that without your help we would not have weathered the many storms and come through the many battles we have faced over the past 26 years. So, with many encouraging testimonies behind us, I pray today for the battles we are currently facing. Lord could you demonstrate your power, demolish the schemes of the evil one and remove any spiritual ceiling or enemy assignments over our church that have hindered the growth, the healings, the miracles, the provision and the many breakthroughs that have been promised. I ask for this Christ’s name. Amen