Power 2 Change is an international ministry with a vision to “help people know Jesus and experience His Power to change the world”. They are actively involved on many Universities and Colleges around the globe and they have a very effective ministry at our very own Universtity of Calgary. A couple from Harvest CFC are on staff with P2C full time on the U of C and as part of our church vision to reach and impact all generations, we have committed a portion of our monthly missions budget to help support this great couple in ministry. Partnering with Power 2 Change Students Ministry on the University of Calgary provide a missional opportunity for Harvest CFC to share the Good News of God’s grace and love with campus students from all parts of the world. 


Grace Revolution Band (an extension of the Harvest CFC Worship Ministry) has had the privilige of leading the worship for the last 3 years at the annual Power 2 Change PLUS Students Conference in Calgary.  Each year, this event run’s over the Christmas break and finishes in the early hours of New Years Day, January 1. It’s an amazing opportunity for students from all over Western Canada to get together for 4 day’s of inspirational teaching, equipping workshops and awesome fun activities. Click on the links for more information about the P2C+ Conference or about Grace Revolution.