At Harvest CFC we believe that it’s much more beneficial and also more enjoyable when WE DO LIFE TOGETHER as opposed to trying to do it on our own. Unfortunately, for many people it’s not that simple; more often than not, relationships don’t always work out the way we had hoped. What should have brought joy, laughter and security have instead caused great pain, sorrow and long-lasting trauma. The very thought of doing life together with others causes many people to break out in a cold sweat! Nevertheless, the bible talks about relationship and genuinely loving one another as being something worth pursuing because it reflects Christ’s love for us.  Jesus said this: John 13:34 MSG “Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another. At Harvest CFC you will often hear us say, “WE DO LIFE TOGETHER” and we don’t apologize for that because experience has proven that it’s far better than doing life alone! So, we encourage all of our community to take a risk and begin to make new Relational Connections through getting involved in various activities within the church family. We have many opportunities for you to build Relational Connections. You could get involved in serving on one of our many teams and we encourage everyone to get involved in a small group!