Every family, church, organization or business goes through seasons of change. Change is all part of a natural and healthy growth process that is very necessary for long term fruitfulness. In our 23 year history at Harvest CFC we have experienced the season’s of change many, many times. In more recent history we actually initiated this current season of change by moving our church out of a community centre where we met on Sunday mornings to our current location in the upstairs fellowship hall at North West Family Church where we have met on Sunday evenings for the past 18 months. While this new adventure was one that many people seemed to embrace in the beginning, we began to see that evening church services were not the best for young families. So, a number of months ago we began making plans to move back to a Sunday morning service time. Of course, as a church without any physical property we were not quite sure where we were going to find a suitable facility for Sunday mornings. Needless to say this dilemma triggered much prayer as we looked to God for his direction for our future. It was during this season of prayer that our friends at NWFC graciously offered us an exceptional opportunity to hold our church services on a Sunday morning at 9:00 AM in our current location.

As we navigate this ongoing season of change we continue to be amazed at God’s faithfulness as we see lives are being impacted by the love and grace of God on a weekly basis. We are constantly hearing from people who have experienced great encouragement for the life journey through our consistant message emphasizing God’s unfailing love and amazing grace. It is our opinion that everyone needs to know that God loves them and everyone needs hope for the future. One thing that always seems to be a constant, even in the midst of change, is the warmth and friendliness of our community which is made up of ordinary people from all walks of life. We so enjoy getting together as friends who share a common desire to grow in our relationship with God. If you are looking for a church community to connect with; we would love to have you join us on the next exciting chapter of our great adventure. May God richly bless your life with an assurance of His love and grace.

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